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Balaji Musuwathi Sathyamoorthy

Computer Technology(1992-1995)

Solution Architect (Consultant), SLS Solutions Inc. United States

TMPC is the place which, I can never forget in my life. The growth of my career really started from there. My Professors encouraged me a lot in studies and made me a perfect disciplined human being.

I can proudly say my life, my present position are all due to TMPC. I Thank my Professors, Friends, and Seniors, who always encouraged and guided me, to reach my target.


Civil Engineering(2007-2010)

General Manager Sanriya Engineering Private Limited, Chennai

I am certain that I made the right decision of choosing TMPC for my Education. TMPC has really inspired me a lot.

Brilliant experience, amazing state of the art buildings, great lectures and facilities. Really good place to study at, good location. Course is well organized and plenty of support available.

TMPC set me to the right direction for my current work at Sanriya Engineering Private Limited. TMPC provides me a lot of great opportunities to develop my skills in different spheres of Civil Engineering.

My lecturers were amazing. They always endeavoured to show personal interest in me and did everything within their power to help me achieve. They created opportunities for career progression and monitored my ambitions to ensure their consistent with my capabilities. I can literally feel the upward trajectory in my intellectual content and capabilities. Thanks all. It is indeed the College of Opportunities!!!


Mechanical Engineering(1995-1998)

Industrialist, Revathi Industries Ambattur, Chennai Executive Committee Member in TANSTIA (Tamil Nadu Small & Tiny Industries Association) Joint Secretary in TIDIMSIA (Thiruvallur District Micro & Small Industries Association)

TMPC gave the most memorable and best part of my life. There are enormous things that I gained in my life from there.

The foundation from there improved my career as well as developed my personality. All the knowledge, skills and experience i have today are from TMPC.

The college professors were so kind and friendly and they had very good relationship with students. For what i am today, I woe everything to my mother like TMPC and thank all there.


Computer Science & Engineering(1990-1993)

Cloud Infrastructure Architect, IBM Chennai

TMP is my alma mater where I realized my potential in curriculum, interpersonal skills and also record keeping.

The foundation from there is still helping me in career as well as personal life.

The environment was a curtain raiser towards professional life as well as individual personality development. The faculty members were so kind and fiendly, though they had good control, but never overruled our opinions without validating.

Bakul M. Shah

Mechanical Engineering(1994-1997)

Technical Director BMway Auto Components Chennai

The College where I grew up from a school kid to a practical person. Away from the books and theory all time to a practical hands-on approach, be it lathe Shop or IC Engine Lab, Pictures, Objects and Concepts started to make sense and coming to life.

The College gave me many friends for Life. It Helped me in laying a foundation with structured learning, practical approach, organizing and with wonderful self-confidence.

This platform paved way for my further education with BE in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Industrial Engineering. The learnings further helped me in my Job in GE, USA and setting up an industry back home in Chennai.

The Biggest Learning was being humble through this journey.

Gururajan Samanna

Computer Science & Engineering(1990-1993)

Head – Information Technology Redington (India) Limited Chennai

We are in the VUCA world. The future may seem uncertain, but TMP college will help you to discover the career path that matches your interests and motivates you to transform into the best version of you. You'll learn to be more independent and gain the advanced skills and knowledge, which guides you towards successful path for the Brightful future.

Join TMPC, which is to be a Stepstone for your enhanced education career and joy your life ride with success like me.

V. R. Rajashekaran



Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College is a self explanatory brand which defines the turned stone, ready to conquer the world. At TMPC, I lived the best days of my life. The experience here turned me to become an enterprising and accomplishing person. It feels great to be taught by amazing faculty members Prof. Dr. M. A. J. Bosco and Prof. Raja Mohammed, who are the best. The great college life I experienced here was profoundly aided by the excellent and friendly staff.

The time I spent in this college paved the way towards fruitful and enriching entrepreneurial career. Our Honourable Chairman Dr. A. C. Shanmugam always believes in imparting moral, discipline and ethical values among students. I consider him as my “Beacon Light” for all my endeavours and successes in my career. TMPC was not only a college to me but it was like a Family and becoming a TMPCian was one of the best decision I made and I am proud to be an alumni of TMPC.

S.Krishna kumar

Civil Engineering(1997-2000)

National General Secretary Youth ExNoRa International India

TMP is a place which redefined my life which made me, what I am today. It was not only a college but a Gurukulam where it taught discipline, self obedience, confidence and made me a responsible citizen of our country.

The faculties and management staff where almost like friends who enjoyed by seeing our success.

I like to thank our respected Founder A.S.Shanmugam sir for providing such a wonderful environment and produced lot of young talents from TMP.

D. Sivakumar



My experience at TMPC was very different and has led me to explore and absorb new things in terms of personal and professional aspects. The faculty at TMPC always focused on learners' career goals with proper guidance in selecting most suitable specialization based on one's strengths and passion. They are very caring and fortified students to push boundaries to augment above expectations. It was a delightful involvement at TMPC with an excellent exposure provided across the various platforms. I always believe that TMPC targets for an overall development of every student, be it education, cultural awareness or practical exposure of technological world.

The three years I spent here was really a splendid moment and it has helped me to outshine professionally, personally and gave me more confidence to become an expatriate. I understand that TMPC always regard students as their treasured patrons to whom the college has always tries to disseminate the requisite knowledge by the way of conducting perpetual training and skill development programmes which is indispensable to every student at different levels of their career along with theoretical and practical knowledge.

Magesh Sankar

Computer Science & Engineering(1992-1995)

Chairman & Managing Director Magestic Technology Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai

Founder & CEO Maruthi Technocrat E Services, Chennai

Finding the right path to success at the right time is really very important and for that way I had selected Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College. Exalted learning environment, erudite faculty members and the systematic approach towards imparting technical knowledge made me an competent individual to face the challenges in my life.

The comprehensive range of activities both curricular and co-curricular along and the support of senior faculty members Prof. Dr. M. A. J Bosco and Prof. Raja Mohammed from TMPC was really very helpful to shape my future.

I am really indebted to our Honourable chairman Dr. A. C. Shanmugam for his foreseeing vision to enlighten the learners to be “Job Creators” rather “Job seekers”. I am happy that his noble vision has become true and I have witnessed many of my peers are industrialists and tycoons.

BRajesh Ravi

Automobile Engineering(1998-2001)

Senior Consultant - Virtualization and Software Developer in Test Employer: Capgemini Chennai & USA

Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic (TMP) was basement for my profession and as well for my personal life. I learned technical education, team work and skills that are still with me and helps me in every aspect of my life.

All lecturers and professors were not just teaching education, they helped and still helping all students in shaping their career, life lessons to stand up and represent themselves in all means.

Wonderful memories, lot of experience, amazing friends, excellent guides and lot more to talk about. Thank you to all faculty members and TMPC management for giving those for us !!