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Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College has always had its goal to provide quality technical education in various engineering disciplines matching with the updated technology.

Their basic knowledge is first ensured with application skill as an important attribute to develop their ability to demonstrate it. Their societal wisdom with industry connect is worked upon, so that when they leave the institution they are ready to adapt to the industrial shop floor.

Students are trained to get an all round experience here in the campus as knowledge gets its facelift only when it gets exhibited and culminates in valuable outputs.

The Principal and the faculty members have rich experience in providing adequate subject knowledge and imparting application skills which are essential for the students to have practical abilities. The management and the administration always work with clear objectives to elevate the standards of the institution so that the students experience the environment as one providing excellence in academics which is industry oriented. The students’ all round abilities are considered essential.

The institution offers quality education that is relevant and inexpensive so that students of even the low income levels are also benefited. Hearty welcome to students for a memorable experience of learning

Er. A.C.S. ARUN KUMAR B.Tech. (Hons) LMISTE, MIET(UK), LMCSI., Chairman

To embark on a journey towards success, one needs the tools of foresight, preparedness and strategy. These help lead to the path of growth in education. It is imperative to combine these three forces in an Educational Institution, where every drop of knowledge matters to every student the way it is delivered and how its packaged for absorption, assimilation and application.

Realizing the responsibility on the shoulders of each Staff member and Students of Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College, we endeavour to be one of the most falicitated Institutions in Tamil Nadu with an emphasis on efficiency in lesson planning, methodology in teaching, trust on development of scientific learning to happen in an environment that enthuses & encourages students the best way possible.

As the human existence is challenged by incomprehensible education in the present trend, we attempt to reach the core of education process to unearth the talents of each and every student by stimulating them to attain their objectives in learning. We strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring greater effulgence in the future. Whole-hearted welcome to the students bent on engineering as a passion to develop themselves in the technical field.

Dr. P. Ramu. Principal,

Education is imparting knowledge which is implementable for bringing out a visible a product or a service, that is appreciated for its looks, what it does and how it does and using what.

Engineering brings the strength and ability to convert scientific knowledge into visible phenomenon that makes our lives comfortable, enjoyable and have a meaning that is respected.

Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College has been created and facilitated by the thoughtful management with all that is required for a top class institute to make the students realize their potential to become highly creative with the technical concepts that they learn.

We welcome students to engineer their futures at the right institution –and Thai Moogambigai Polytechnic College fulfills the need of them.