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Infrastructure And Facilities



  • The institution has set up well defined infra-structure with clearly earmarked departments each housing the requirements, depending upon the specific needs.
  • The Classrooms, Computer & other Labs, Libraries, Conference halls are all well facilitated and supported by administrative office rooms, dining halls, Stores and Service rooms, which are well ventilated to provide more than adequate comfort for students, Lecturers, Non-teaching and other staff members.
  • Air-conditioning facility to meet the climatic vagaries are widely provided. The visiting officials and others who come to the college have waiting hall which is well facilitated. Discussion Rooms provide the special needs of visiting officials. The sprawling entrance of the hall and the well spread parking area outside it provide the image that matches the Institutional stature.
  • The departments and their needs are identified keeping in mind the special nature of them, and care is taken to address every need, so that the teaching staff, Course administrative staff and the department can collectively administer & deliver the course related knowledge and skills to students qualitatively