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Coaching & Training

Program Objectives

  • Develop the students to enlarge their interests in technical knowledge.
  • Develop interest in the students to learn so well that they get into the creative mode
  • Learn every concept so well that they become experts in them
  • Create technological products & services and constantly improve them with greater and updated knowledge contemporarily
  • Their knowledge and skill not only become proficient but they also become good presenters and demonstrators


  • Standard Adopted: Theory Lectures, Tutorial, Practical Classes
  • Special Methodology: AV classroom. Live Demonstration, Video conferencing, Digital Library
  • Theory Teaching Methodology : Chalk and Talk , Lab Demo, Practical Training , Industrial Visit ,Online Seminar.
  • Practical : Experiment, Presentations, Demonstrations.
  • Lateral academic support to students – special classes, Guest lectures, seminars, Workshops
  • Tests & assessments – Assignments and Tests at 3 stages of each Semester

Skill enhancement

  • Communication skill
  • Trade skill, Technical skill
  • Foreign language skill
  • Problem solving skill
  • Time management skill
  • Leadership skill

Lab sessions

In the present era, it is very essential to develop techniques and organize data in such a way that it solves a complex problem efficiently. Understanding of the subject is essential and this facilitates to acquire sound knowledge of the insight of hardware requirement to any problem base. The practice and assimilation of subject techniques is essential for understanding. Hence the students are offered:

Individual trials, practices, theory relating sessions, assignments, records.

Skill based objectives (small goals) aimed for achieving at the end of each classroom session, end of each topic, end of each module;


Industry connect is well established and the contacts are utilized well for internships to students. The industries chosen and enlisted not only support the students in learning the practical aspects of what they learn in theory lessons, but also add value to the industry where the students undergo internships.

On completion of the Internships, the students are required to complete their Project report and make a presentation before the Lecturers panel.